I bet he didn't even order a chimichanga ...

No it's not a glitch in the Matrix. Tucson's mother of Mexican spots El Charro is in the spotlight once again. (The downtown restaurant at 311 N. Court Ave. regularly makes it on sites like Thrillist, but was bitingly snubbed by tabelog.us last year.)

This time El Charro is featured on a list of the "10 Best Mexican Restaurants in the United States" by a business website called Money Inc. The article itself is a little lacking in the originality department, but has some nice things to say about El Charro: 

"El Charro opened in 1922 and has been going strong ever since, being operated by the same family all this time and still serving up culinary delights in the form of enchiladas, burritos, quesadillas, and other dishes that people can’t get enough of. Their carne seca is still dried atop the restaurant as it has always been, giving their foods an old-school taste that can’t be beat. After nearly a century in business it’s obvious they’re doing something right."

Of course, the list puts El Charro in mixed company. I cannot speak for most of the selections on here, because restaurants like Tacos Tequila Whiskey aren't usually my first choice when I'm in Denver, Colorado. But I have actually been to the place in Tiburon, California, and I can say for a fact that it's supremely awful. (After my vomit episode on the Golden Gate Bridge, I still cannot eat oysters to this day!)

Since we all know this is a joke, here are some funny lines for your enjoyment ...

" ... this village-inspired grill makes full use of its natural resources in creating its entirely authentic and innovative dishes. ... While you eat you can also watch as the ferries carry passengers from one shore to the next."

— Guaymas in Tiburon, California

"From their sweet and sour pork belly agridulce to the quajillo honey mayo, this restaurant is a haven of delights that have people coming back again and again."

— Tacos Tequila Whiskey in Denver

"This restaurant makes the list of anyone compiling the best Mexican restaurants in America. If not, then the reviewer either hasn’t set foot into the restaurant or should consider a career change."

— Topolobampo by Rick Bayless, in Chicago

"If there’s any place in the world where Mexican food should be expected to be authentic and full of taste, it's Texas."

— Meso Maya in Dallas

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