The Café Francais booth at Tucson Meet Yourself is known for its colorful French pastries. 

This story was created by #ThisIsTucson and underwritten by Tucson Meet Yourself, coming to downtown Tucson for its 46th year Oct. 11-13. Thank you for supporting the local organizations that support us!

If you really want to live, why not try and Meet Yourself? There's no better time to do it than this weekend, when a herd of local chefs, cultural clubs and arts organizations will take over downtown Tucson for an epic celebration. 

Now in its 46th year, Tucson Meet Yourself is back with an international menu that'll impress even your cultured friend who just came back from Queens. New vendors this year include Puerto Rican street food, Syrian sweets, the dumplings and rice dishes of Kyrgyzstan, and ... Burmese tea leaf salad!!!

I put three exclamation points on that one because the thought of it literally made me tear up at my desk. This dish is very hard to find in the United States outside of the Bay Area, where local chains like Burma Superstar have popularized the showy spread of nuts, veggies and fermented tea leaves (often mixed at the table). At Tucson Meet Yourself, you can find it at the booth called Fat Mama's Gangster Sandwich, run by a group of ladies from Myanmar

Here's a full list of all the delicious vendors this year. You can find a map at the Tucson Meet Yourself website. The festival runs Friday and Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at Jácome Plaza and in the surrounding streets.  

Asian and Pacific

Japanese takoyaki octopus balls are one of the most popular vendors at Tucson Meet Yourself every year. 

•  NEW — Cosmo’s Star: Central Asian from Kyrgyzstan at booth F24

•  NEW — Fat Mama's Gangster Sandwich: Burmese sandwiches at F23

• Takoyaki Balls: Japanese octopus dumplings at booth F39

Filipino American Sampaguita: at booth F54

Filipino American Students Association: at booth F25

New Delhi Palace: Indian food at booth F53

Thri Ratana Tucson Buddhist Temple: Thai food at booth F14

Saffron Indian Bistro: at booth F10

Vietnamese Students Association: at booth F49

Wat Buddhametta: Thai food at booth F3

• Laos Academic Organization: at booth F37

European and Eurasian

Elif Demirbas grills up Gözleme, a Turkish flatbread filled with cheese, spinach or beef.

• Sema Foundation: Turkish food at booth F15

Kalina Russian Cuisine: at booth F41

Arslan’s Grill: Bosnian food at booth F21

Café Francais: at booth F16

Daughters of Penelope: Greek food at booth F40

Lajkonik Polish Food: at booth F6

Middle Eastern and African food

Beef kabob, salad, mirza and kookoo from the Iranian Students' Cultural Association in Tucson booth is available at the annual Tucson Meet Yourself event. Friday October 7, 2016.

•  NEW — ELFA refugee services: Syrian food at booth F51

• Iranian Students Cultural Association: at booth F43

Masri: Egyptian food at booth F22

African American and soul food

An order of chicken and waffles at Mama Carey’s Kitchen inside Metro Wildcat Convenience store. Mama Carey's catering business will also be at Tucson Meet Yourself. 

• Mama Carey’s Catering: at booth F26

• Gethsemane Cogic Women: at booth F56

Native American food

Cafe Santa Rosa's fry bread. 

• Café Santa Rosa: at booth F46

• The O'odham Ladies: at booth F27

• San Ignacio Yaqui Council: at booth F38

• San Xavier Farm Coop: at booth F36

• Yoeme Barrio Libre: at booth F11

Regional American food

We got the combo plate with Kalua pulled pork (top), katsu chicken (left) and kalbi beef short ribs, $11.50, during a visit to Solid Grindz in Craycroft Road in 2016. 

• Solid Grindz: Hawaiian food at booth F9

• Tucson Invitational Games: Ballpark Foods at booth F34

Latin American

Arepa Pabellón sandwich, of shredded beef, plantains and black beans on a deep fried masa cake from Ricuras de Venezuela food truck in 2016.

Club Colombia: at booth F6

Club Costa Rica: at booth F4

La Fondita Chilena: Chilean food at booth F19

Inca's Peruvian: at booth F17

Ricuras de Venezuela: at booth F42

Caribbean food

Jerk chicken from the CeeDee Jamaican Kitchen booth is available at the annual Tucson Meet Yourself event. Friday October 7, 2016.

•  NEW — La Jaltera: Puerto Rican food at booth F48

• CeeDee’s Jamaican Kitchen: at booth F35

• D's Island Grill: at booth (Jamaican) F12

• Patricia's Cuban Kitchen: at booth F8

• Safe Mission: Jamaican food at booth F52

Mexican food

Carne asada and chicken tacos from the Los Chiquilines booth is available at the annual Tucson Meet Yourself event. Friday October 7, 2016.

• Los Chiquilines: aguas frescas at booth F50

BK Tacos: at booth F33

Holy Toledo: Oaxacan food at booth F55

Mariscos Chihuahua: Mexican seafood at booth F31

Matilde's Sonoran Kitchen: at booth F28

Santa Cruz Catholic Church/Little Mexico: at booth F5

El Taco Rustico: at booth F13

World Street Snacks

Pineapple Strawberry sno-cone from Sonoran Sno-cones in 2016. 

• Sonoran Sno Cones: at booth F47

The Corn Roasters: at booth F44

Frost Gelato Shoppe: at booth F571

Fruitshack Smoothies: at booth F45

Hawaiian Shave Ice: at booth F29

J's Kettle Corn: at booth F32

Just Churros: at booth F30

King Corn: at booth F2

Lil' Orbits: donuts at booth F18

Tucson Meet Yourself: Come for the food, stay for the culture 

Tucson Meet Yourself comes to downtown Tucson for its 46th year on Oct 11, 12, and 13. For three days, more than 200 folk artists, performers, and food vendors bring you a taste of their culture and tradition. The festival is free and open to the public. 

Where: The festival occupies four city blocks and Jacomé Plaza, in front of the Joel D. Valdez Main Library.

When: Friday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Saturday 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Sunday noon to 6 p.m.

Cost: Free, bring money for food!

Find more information here.

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