Gov. Doug Ducey said Monday he will not extend the curfew imposed a week ago.

PHOENIX – Arizonans are now free to stay out all night if they want without fear of arrest.

In a series of tweets this morning, Gov. Doug Ducey announced he was not going to renew the 8 p.m. curfew he had imposed on May 31 following some rioting and looting at Scottsdale Fashion Square. Since that time there have not been major problems.

"I want to thank both the peaceful protesters and law enforcement professionals for their cooperation during Arizona's statewide curfew,'' Ducey wrote. "Arizona has avoided much of the violence we've seen in other states and large metro areas.''

Arizona has been the only place with a statewide curfew.

Repeated efforts to speak with Ducey have gone unanswered. That leaves only his Twitter messages.

"I'm also thankful to all Arizonans for their patience during this time,'' the governor wrote.

"Our state and nation are facing multiple challenges, and I'm very appreciative for how the citizens and leaders of our state are conducting themselves during this historic moment,'' Ducey said.

But the governor also suggested that abolition of the curfew did not mean things were necessarily going back to the way they were before.

"With the curfew expiring, Arizona DPS will remain vigilant, working with local law enforcement leaders to ensure that they have the tools necessary to keep our streets safe and protect the rights of all residents to make their voices heard,'' Ducey said.

His messages make no mention of whether he will continue to deploy National Guard soldiers.

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