Several animals died as a result of a bobcat at the Tucson Petting Zoo & Funny Foot Farm, but the farm's owners are understanding.

"We had some excitement on the farm this January, our first predator!" the farm posted on Facebook. "It may seem a little odd to be excited about it, but if you haven't noticed, we are a little odd." 

The farm said they've never had a predator before — they've never even found a snake.

According to Marc Hammond with Animal Experts, Inc., the farm lost 18 chickens, a lamb and a peacock before he was able to capture the bobcat.

"As you probably know, we screen a lot of our calls with bobcats because many times, they're not going to bother anybody, especially if you don't have dogs or small kids or anything like that," Hammond said.

But this incident was different, Hammond said, considering the amount of animals present on the farm.

After catching the bobcat, Hammond said he planned to take it about 40 miles away from the farm, which is located at 2405 W. Wetmore Road, east of Interstate 10.

The farm said they expected to see some additional wildlife, given 2020's dry weather and road construction happening nearby.

"While we did lose a few of our favorite flock members, we also love and understand our local wildlife," the farm said. "We live in their homes, we are not mad when they visit ours."

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