Don't let the summer float by. There are plenty of cool things to do in Tucson this time of year.

For us, summer in Tucson is love-hate-love kind of relationship.

There will be a point in the the next few weeks when you will feel sweat trickling into places it should not and you will question your life choices.

But then the rains come and the world smells like creosote and hot asphalt. The hot-pink summer sunset studded with monsoon clouds will melt your grumpy cactus attitude away.

By October, it's still 95 and you're done. Nope. Why am I still sweating. 

We're right there with you.

To get you through the tough times, we are launching a Summer Survival Guide today. All summer we'll be filling it with pro tips, empathetic tears and things to do. 

Keep cool and find things to this summer with help from #ThisIsTucson.

Already we've got nearby lakes to swim inoutdoor movies, a giant list of places you can go swimming and fun activities for the kids.  Throughout the summer we'll offer you more stories — things you can pull out when you've reached the end of your rope. Like where to get amazing ice cream, find desert swimming holes and chilly cocktails.

We're all in this together. May you always find a shady spot to park.

- #ThisIsTucson

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