Bring on the polka dot notebooks and freshly-sharpened pencils. 

As a kid, one of the best parts of back-to-school was wandering the aisles of an office supply store, plotting out a folder color scheme for the coming year. 

At least for those of us who love the smell of a fresh notebook in the morning. 

With summer winding down (and Vail School District already back in class), we're daydreaming about the days when we had an excuse to stock up on Lisa Frank notebooks and glittery mechanical pencils. 

Did anyone else tote a JanSport backpack their entire high school career?

If you're school shopping for your kids (or just need a little pick-me-up for your grown-up life), perhaps it's time for a new journal. Or three.

We picked four local shops where you can find an assortment of notebooks, pencils and sticky notes — and lots of other goodies. None of the stores featured here exclusively sell office supplies, but we found a handful of items that will brighten up your desk and your day.

Bon Boutique

A sample of the office supplies sold at Bon Boutique. Prices subject to change. 

To add a bit of sophistication to your workday, stop by Bon Boutique, 760 S. Stone Ave. With vines creeping around the exterior of the building, the shop is tranquil and well-stocked with a variety of beautiful clothing, toys, books and knick knacks. We obviously hung out around the table stacked with notebooks, rulers and polar bear sticky notes — much of it from Japan, interestingly enough. 

Some of our favorite finds:

(Listed to correspond with the photo above, from left to right, starting with the dog pencil pouch). 

• Yusuke Yonezu Good Life dog pencil pouch, $28

• Misawa Atsuhiko Greeting Life polar bear 90-sheet notepad, $9.50

• Time Concept, Inc. grey 592-page blank notebook, $32

• Multi-color retractable pen, $14.50

• Shinzi Katoh washi tape, $6.50

• Studio Carta metal ruler, $32

• Ohto Sharp Pencil 2.0, $12.50 each 

• Blue writing notebook, $5

• Time Concept, Inc. 288-page sheet music notebook, $12

University of Arizona BookStores

You can get just about any variation of office supplies with the UA logo at the campus bookstore. Prices subject to change. 

If you are a Wildcats lover, the main bookstore inside the student union on the UA campus, 1209 E. University Blvd., has you covered. There is literally a Wildcat or the Arizona logo plastered to every folder, pen or notebook you could want. Downstairs, you'll find all of your basic school supplies (not all of it has a UA logo), including a wall of Sharpies and colored pens. Upstairs, you'll find some fancier office supplies, like a Moleskine notebook with a silver Wildcat etched on the cover. 

Some of our favorite finds: 

(Listed to correspond with the photo above, from left to right, starting with the backpack).

• Arizona JanSport backpack, $49.99

• Red 5x7 Arizona journal, $9.99

• Sky blue Arizona Wildcats folder, $1.49

• Red and blue retractable Arizona pens, $1.19 each

• Pack of 8 wooden pencils, $4.99

• 1-subject 80-sheet cactus scene notebook, $4.59 

• 2 50-sheet Arizona notepads by The Fanatic Group, $10.99

Inside + Out

A collection of our favorite finds from the northeast-side gift shop Inside + Out. Prices subject to change. 

This newish gift shop on the northeast side, 5425 N. Kolb Road, has tons of cute, cactus-themed goodies, plus an air plant bar where you can pick pots, plants and fillers. The shop also has a good selection of snappy sticky notes and inspirational notebooks. 

Some of our favorite finds: 

(Listed to correspond with the photo above, from left to right, starting with the sunglasses notepad and pen). 

• Lady Jayne 75-sheet notepad and pen, $6.50

• Paper Source "I've Totally Got This" lined spiral notebook, $15

• Anne Taintor Inc. 100-sheet sticky notes, $5

• Graphique de France Cityscape Paris pocket notes, $6

• Cactus pens, $5.50 each

Antigone Books

Antigone Books is a gold mine of bright notebooks and colorful pencils. Prices Subject to change. 

There are so many treasures to find stashed among the shelves at Antigone Books, 411 N. Fourth Ave. You'll find journals and planners galore here, plus a fun assortment of colored pencils and calligraphy pens. 

Some of our favorite finds: 

(Listed to correspond with the photo above, from left to right, starting with the 2019 sloth planner). 

• 16-month sloth calendar for September 2018 to December 2019, $12.99

• Anatomy Boutique sugar skull notebook, $14.95

• Michael Roger, Inc. limes Decomposition Book, $7.95

• Kate Pugsley Petit Sauvage cactus notebook, $5.95

• Sukie People Pencils, $12.95

• Karma Gifts 100-sheet pocket notebook, $5.95

• 12 Papaya Art Gypsy Rose colored pencils, $6.95