A couple of riders scream their way through a spin on the Mach 1, one of more than 30 rides at the opening night of the University of Arizona's Spring Fling 2016, Friday, April 8, 2016, Tucson, Ariz.

Welcome back Wildcats! If you don't know by now, Tucson is a hot, quirky town, full of culture, food and hidden gems. Here's our list of all the things you should do in your four (or five ... or six) years at the university.

Try them all and you might just never leave.

Above: Graduates including psychology major Kayla Holder, right, cheer as fireworks burst during the 153rd University of Arizona commencement ceremony at Arizona Stadium. UA President Ann Weaver Hart conferred about 6,800 degrees Friday, including about 4,600 undergraduate degrees.

On or near campus

1. Actually use the stuff you're paying for

Don't go through college without using resources like the Rec Center or Think Tank

2. Sit with the rest of the Zoo

The wild ZonaZoo energy is something you should experience at least once. Support the Wildcats or just go to learn all of the weird hand signals they're doing. Actually use your ZonaZoo pass or buy one here.

3. Find Wilbur and Wilma

They're at sporting events, campus events and sometimes just around so find them and take a picture with them.

4. Go watch another sport  UA sports are more than just football and basketball. If you have the time, watch the gymnastics team do flips or catch a baseball game at Hi Corbett Field.

5. Buy something that isn't a textbook at the UA Bookstore

This bookstore is more than just for textbooks, go in for coffee, makeup (it's actually really nice makeup), UA swag or a book you actually want to spend your money on.

6. Get a milkshake from Steak 'N Shake (where Burger King used to be)

This is the only Steak 'N Shake in Tucson and it's in the best location for hungry college students. 

The line doesn't look too long at Steak N' Shake, but that's because everyone's standing behind the camera. 

7. Eat in the Student Union before the lunch rush

Watching everyone else wait in the long line for Chick-Fil-A is oddly entertaining.

8. Watch the campus preachers do their thing

Yes, people come to campus just to yell about religion and it's turned into UA students' favorite past-time.

9. Go to Spring Fling

Eat funnel cake and go on rides during Spring Fling in April. It's the largest student-run carnival in the nation!

Riders express varying levels of enjoyment while riding "Re-Mix II" during Spring Fling 2017 on the University of Arizona campus on April 7, 2017, in Tucson, Ariz.

10. Check out TFOB

The Tucson Festival of Books happens the weekend of spring break. There's lots of vendors, activities, performances, food and of course all things books.

11. Become familiar with the Arizona Repertory Theatre

Students are building the sets, they're acting/singing, and running the show. Check out what's going on this season.

12. See a show at Centennial Hall

Some pretty big productions make their way to campus (I'm crying about and eagerly awaiting Finding Neverland). Check out what's in store here.

13. Swim (or at least dip your toes) in the fountain in front of Old Main

The school doesn't encourage this but you have to do it once before graduation — or during grad pics.

14. Hang out on University Boulevard

It's a nice way to get away from campus. Some fun stores and restaurants: Swindlers, Kababeque for tikka masala and the Scented Leaf Tea House for a refreshing break from Starbucks.

*Pro tip: We also recommend stopping by Gentle Ben's for beer-battered fries, and a beer when you're old enough. 💯

15. Get a Harry Potter shot at Hotel Congress

You'll want to get a video of the shot and photos of the historic hotel in downtown Tucson. It's perfect for 21st birthdays.

16. Study at the top floor of the Optical Sciences building

It has an amazing view of campus.

17. Find your study spot

For some it's in the Center for Creative Photography and for others it's on the benches by the olive trees.

18. Stay in the Main Library all night

You won't be the only one. There are so many students cramming for a test or trying to make a deadline.

19. Go to a museum on campus (Arizona State Museum, UA Museum of Art, etc.)

Because you get in free with your CatCard.

20. Hang out with the turtles at the turtle pond

Yes, there are tiny wild turtles living on campus. Find them in the open space across from Caffe Luce along Park Avenue. Go watch them swim around.

21. Keep your bike from getting stolen

This happens more than you might think so make sure you lock up. Avoid this by dropping your bike off at Bike Valet, they'll watch it for free. 

Any other problems with bikes can be solved at the totally rad BICAS

22. Then participate in Tuesday Night Bike Rides

People get together every Tuesday night for a slow ride around Tucson. It's open to everyone, making it the perfect place to meet new people. You meet up around 8 p.m. and it starts by the flag pole in front of Old Main.

23. Let's keep talking about bikes. Go to Cyclovia

Tucson closes some of the streets so that people can bike with ease just for this event. People come out in bikes (tandem or solo), with their kids or grandparents, or dressed up and we all ride together. 

24. Go to Taco Shop at 3 a.m.

Or after you hit the club because there's nothing better than tacos and seeing that person from your biology class. Taco Shop is open all day, every day. 

25. Learn something new about the UA campus

The Visitor Center usually hosts campus tours about the art, the history and the student life. Check them out here.

Experience Tucson

The sun sets over the Saguaro National Park East (Rincon Mountain District) in 2015. Let's see this scene filmed in New Mexico

There's more to Tucson than just the UA. Go out and explore because this little city has so much damn charm and a lot to offer.

26. Go see a saguaro but don't touch it or high-five it

You can't miss them, they're the big, green desert giants. Some top spots to marvel at some sags include Sabino Canyon, Tucson Mountain Park and Saguaro National Park.

27. Take a sunset picture and post it on social media

28. Go to A Mountain to watch the sun set

Because the sunsets are beautiful here (like the one above).

29. Or go to San Xavier Mission

It's a perfect place to learn some of Tucson's early history. Also, it's dang beautiful. We've even put together the perfect day trip for you.

30. Enjoy the balmy winter weather

While you family back home is shoveling snow, you out here trying to figure out what shorts and flip-flops you should wear today. 

31. Hike Tumamoc

Get in a good view of Tucson and some extra-burned calories. This will easily become your favorite place, trust us.

Renee Ramirez, left and Blanca De La Rosa walk up the first stretch of Tumamoc Hill as Ramirez pushes her daughter, Quetzali Castorena, in a stroller.

32. Use the Sun Link Streetcar at least once

We recommend taking the streetcar to Mercado San Augustin for some burritos and tortillas.

33. Head to Fourth Avenue

There is coffee, bars, shops, good food and art. There's a lot to see and do, so bike, walk or streetcar over and unleash your inner hipster.

34. Enjoy the Fourth Avenue Street Fair

There's food, entertainment and lots of shopping. 

35. Continue downtown from Fourth Ave.

There's so much to do downtown — with a different vibe than Fourth Avenue — see a show at the Rialto Theatre and enjoy the nightlife.

Run or walk around downtown with your pals every Monday evening. Be sure to check in at Hotel Congress no later than 6:30 p.m. There's also a number of restaurants that offer discounts to anyone who participates — just be sure to show them your hand stamp. 

37. Use Tugo and bike around Tucson

The Tugo Bike Share program has 36 stations around Tucson, including campus, where you can pick up a bike and pedal around the city. Discover some hidden gems along bike paths and get to know the place you live a little better. Find pricing and information on passes here

38. Watch the stars at Gates Pass

Enjoy the peace and quiet or take someone up for a romantic evening.

39. Go to the Tucson Rodeo

We take the rodeo seriously, so seriously that Tucson schools give younger kids a few days off — there's even a parade! You should definitely see it at least once.


Andi Berlin eats her way through the menu at Taqueria Pico de Gallo on South Sixth Avenue. 

Tucson is recognized for having amazing food. You'll want to eat it all.

40. Get an Eegee

Any local is going to tell you to do this right away. Why? They're amazing and no one else has them. You can also take your eegee's drink to the next level with our simple tricks.

There are two near campus: Speedway Boulevard and Tucson Boulevard, 2510 E. Speedway Blvd. AND one at Grant and Campbell, 2470 N. Campbell Ave.

41. Buy yourself a raspado

Raspados are the snow cone's cool cousin because they have real fruit and ice cream. Oasis on St. Mary's Road at 1002 W. St Mary’s Rd. and Sonoran Delights at 921 W. Congress St. are great picks.

Before you get fancy, start off with this strawberry raspado at Michoacán Taquería Raspados, 3235 N. Flowing Wells Road. Con lechera y nieve for $6.48. 

42. Try a Sonoran hot dog

It's a hot dog wrapped in bacon, lots of veggies and a sweet bun. That's all you need to know. We suggest going to La Carreta del Rorro at 6353 N. Camino De La Tierra.

43. Get tacos that aren't from Chipotle

We have "the best 23 miles of Mexican food" and food writer Andi Berlin knows where you should go.

Andi's pick: Taqueria Pico de Gallo, 2618 S. 6th Ave. Check out more of her suggestions here.

44. Take your parents to brunch

5 POINTS. 5 POINTS. 5 POINTS. Go to 5 Points Market and Restaurant at 756 S. Stone Ave.

45. Find a restaurant that speaks to your soul — and stomach

There are so many places to choose from and there is sure to be something that you love. We have Mexican, Vietnamese, Italian, fancy, greasy, fattening, healthy and so much more.

Get out of Tucson

Exploring the historic town of Bisbee is the perfect day trip for any Tucsonan. 

Get your friends together and go on a road trip to see what Arizona has to offer.

46. Cool off on Mt. Lemmon

Watch the saguaros turn into tall pine trees and feel the temperature change. Mt. Lemmon is the best place for a getaway, especially when you're missing snow. It does snow up there.

47. See the Grand Canyon

Now you can see one of the greatest sights in the world. The drive to the Grand Canyon is about six hours but it is worth it. Get your friends together and make it a weekend trip. 

48. Go on a ghost tour in Tombstone, Arizona

Yes, Tombstone is haunted.

49. Eat and shop in Bisbee, Arizona

Maybe go to Tombstone and Bisbee the same weekend. We went to Bisbee and it was the best 24 hours ever, check out our experiences here. And yes, Bisbee is also haunted.

50. Go to Mexico

Experience another culture and practice your Spanish in Nogales because you're only a couple hours away. Or go through a program

Just don't forget to have fun and enjoy our city. Make these the best years of your life by dancing in the rain, doing something unexpected and learning more about your new home. Bear down!

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