Ramsey Canyon is a great place to take the family hiking. We can't guarantee the hand holding though.

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Getting outside for a hike is a great way to motivate the kids to exercise.

They'll have so much fun checking out the wildlife and seeing new things they won't even realize they're moving their bodies. 

With such a variety of beautiful places in or near Tucson it's easy to find a different trail to hit each time.

Here are 5 to get you started.

Mica View Loop Trail 


A maze of interconnected trails — more than a dozen of them — await hikers at the end of East Broadway.

Go to the east end of Broadway and you'll find the Mica View Loop Trail. It's a 3.7 mile loop into Saguaro National Park. (Access the park from here to skip the vehicle entrance fee). Obviously, you don't have to go the full length of the trail.

For a shorter version go south until you get to a picnic area and head back. That'll get you almost a mile and a half.  It's mostly flat and easy for kiddos to navigate. Plus, you might see jackrabbits, deer and lizards as well as tons of cactus. 

Go here for more hiking ideas in Saguaro National Park East. 

Ramsey Canyon


A gorgeous palette of fall colors is seen in Ramsey Canyon in November. 

This one requires a short road trip to the Sierra Vista/Hereford area. But, it's worth the hour drive and about the same time in the car as a trip up to Mt. Lemmon.

There's a stream and water-loving plants like sycamores, maples and columbines mixed with cactus, yucca and agave.

It's on a nature preserve and there's a short, easy hike the whole family can do. You can also go on a guided walk. 

The canyon is located at 27 E. Ramsey Canyon Road about 85 miles southeast of Tucson. Go here for more info.

Catalina State Park


John and Kathy Mulligan of Tucson sit with their dogs Max, left, and Wiley in the Canyon del Oro Wash at Catalina State Park. They were having lunch before taking a hike on the Canyon Loop Trail.

Beautiful desert scenery galore. That's what you'll see here. 

The park is located at the base of the Santa Catalina Mountains and has nearly 5,000 saguaros and more than 150 species of birds. Bring binoculars to let the kiddos get a closer look at some of Tucson's feathered friends.

Try the Canyon Loop Trail. It's a 2.3 mile loop through the foothills. It is mostly flat but there's a spot in the middle with about 90 stairs. You could always turn around at this point instead of going the full loop if stairs are not your thing. 

Catalina State Park is located at 11570 N. Oracle Road. There is an entry fee of $7 per vehicle. Go here for more info.

Sabino Canyon


The Adams family, from Denver, stops for a water break along the Bear Canyon Trail. Experts say hikers should take twice as much water as they think they’ll need

This place has to be included on every hiking list. It's beautiful and there are hikes everybody can do.

For an easy hike, we recommend an out-and-back to the dam. Once you get there, it's a nice spot to hang out, with rocks to climb on and water (depending on the season). 

Sabino is located on the northeast side of town at 5700 N. Sabino Canyon Road near Kolb and Sunrise. It costs $5 to park. Go here for more info.

Sweetwater Wetlands Loop


Sweetwater Wetlands has short, easy trails to ponds and wildlife viewing areas.

There's an easy one-mile loop trail inside the Sweetwater Wetlands where you can see frogs, birds, raccoons, turtles and more. You won't even feel like you're in the desert. 

The wetlands are located at 2511 W. Sweetwater Drive near I-10 and Prince Road. Go here for more info. 

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