It's winter in Tucson, which means sunny days, chilly nights and lots of outdoor fun with friends. 

Meet you at the top of Mount Lemmon to build a snowman! 

1. Catalina Highway is closed due to snow


Everyone suspects it is because no one in Tucson knows how to drive in snow.

2. Your electric bill drops


Your AC finally gets a break. Hello to some extra cash in your pocket!

3. Snowbirds are here


They’re active in early morning, are found at golf courses.

And no, we're not taking about those animals with the feathers — brush up on your Tucson words here.

Spotting a snowbird also turns into your new favorite game, double points if you see one driving a golf cart on the road.

4. Tucson dress code: Flip-flops and jacket


Acceptable substitutes are Birkenstock sandals and a sweater or Uggs and shorts.

5. Your crazy neighbor's house looks like this:


Christmas light decorations are displayed in front of a Winterhaven home on Sunday, Dec. 15, 2013, in Tucson, Ariz., during the 64th annual Winterhaven Festival of Lights.

If you can't get enough Christmas lights, check out the Winterhaven's Festival of Lights and these other awesome holiday displays around Tucson.  

6. Father Kino's horse gets festive


The statue of Father Kino and his horse on Kino Parkway usually acquires some mysterious Christmas decorations. 

7. Instagram posts from your out-of-town friends:

Your posts:

8. Everyone's desert plants look like Halloween ghosts



9. The only slush in town is Holly Berry


It's never too cold for an eegee

10. Your fridge is suddenly stocked with tamales


You may already have a fridge stocked full of them thanks to your family's yearly tamale-making party. But in the chance you don't there are plenty of places to help you with your masa and meat needs

11. There's a sudden urge to cheer on the Wildcats.

The raucous ZonaZoo student section has a well-earned reputation for making things difficult for opposing players trying to shoot free throws at McKale Center.

Take at look the UA basketball schedule for upcoming games and 🐻 ⬇️.

12. Saguaros dressed in Christmas lights 


It's dangerous work but it's not winter in Tucson without twinkling saguaros.

Note: This article was originally published in Dec. 2017.