Tumamoc Hill

Climbing up Tumamoc Hill. 

Tumamoc Hill will be closed to walkers for about two weeks beginning Jan. 22.

During that time, the mile-and-a-half road up the hill will be completely repaved  by University of Arizona crews to make it more passable for walkers and researchers.

The new road will cost about $200,000. The UA will invest half and the UA College of Science is raising the rest through a crowdfunding campaign. A dollar for dollar match up to $50,000 will be given by Edith Sykes Lowell and David Lowell. 

Edith Sykes Lowell is the granddaughter of Godfrey Sykes, one of Tumamoc's early scientists. 

The road is anticipated to reopen Feb. 1.

Angela Pittenger | This Is Tucson