The SirCerveza-Rita at Sir Veza’s Taco Garage: Where they “fix thirsty!” 

Congrats! You've braved the year. But now there is one more thing for you to do: Eat all of this food.

If you don't, it's going to pop into your head randomly while you're walking down the street in Wisconsin, or clipping your toenails, or perhaps eating other, less pleasing foods like tofu stir fry. This is your last chance people! You have been warned ... 

1. Breakfast burrito

We recently named this breakfast burrito the best in Tucson. Because, look at it! 

They may have these in other cities, but you know the tortilla ain't gonna be as good. Get the real deal at Anita Street Market, 849 N. Anita Ave. And if you have some more time, check out my list of 24 different breakfast burritos to eat in Tucson. I rank them, and weight them all for your enjoyment. 

2. Real tacos, minus that sickly mango sugar salsa

Carnitas taco at Street Taco and Beer. 

I've had tacos in California where you're from. They were okay. But you know the tacos here are gonna be better, mostly because of the fresh flour tortillas that are so prevalent in our little desert town. If you're downtown, hit up Street Taco and Beer Co., 58 W. Congress St., for the juicy carnitas. Or go straight Sonoran style with one of these picks.  

3. Sonoran hot dog

Here's the Sonoran hot dog from El Güero Canelo.

If you only eat these once a year, let it be now. You're just not gonna get them anywhere else, even if they call it a Danger Dog or whatever. They may wrap it in bacon, but if it doesn't have beans, tomatoes, onions, mayo, cheese, etc., it's just NO GOOD! Hit up BK Tacos or El Güero Canelo, you know the drill. 

4. Margarita

Prickly pear margarita at Reforma.

They have margaritas in other cities, but they may come from a slushie machine. And I bet they don't have prickly pear, a hallmark of Arizona resorts and gourmet Mexican joints like Reforma, 4310 N. Campbell Ave. It adds a sweet little punch, and it's less syrupy than strawberry. Check out our margarita guide here. 

5. Eegee's

It's Eegee's, dummy!

Do I really have to write anything here? You know what it is. Go get some! 

6. Raspados

Strawberry raspado from Oasis Fruit Cones. 

Shaved ice + syrupy fruit + ice cream = Tucson in a nutshell. I mean, what is it, like a hundred outside right now? Check out our guide to raspados here, and then hit up Oasis Fruit Cones at 1002 W. St. Mary’s Road for a sweet goodbye!

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