Puppies at puppy yoga hosted by Pathways for Paws and Barefoot Studio.

Need a little furry love to pep up your fitness motivation? Try a fun experience on the yoga mat with some furry friends — puppies, kittens and goats.

Tucson is home to Pathways for Paws, a nonprofit dog rescue, that offers monthly puppy yoga. There's also kitten yoga at Barefoot Studio, with cats from Southern Arizona Cat Rescue, plus frequent cat yoga and meditation at El Jefe Cat Lounge.

For a goat-filled experience, check out G.O.T. Goat Yoga, typically at Udall Park on Tucson's east side.

Southern Arizona Cat Rescue and Barefoot Studios offer kitten yoga.

What you can expect

"Puppy & Poses" with Pathways for Paws and "Yoga with Kittens" with Southern Arizona Cat Rescue are playful ways to engage with local rescues in a relaxing, low-stress atmosphere. These one-hour low-impact classes involve stretches and low-intensity poses while kittens and puppies slide, scamper and jump by your feet. Let's be honest though, we all know we just want to play with the cute fur babies. 

Over at El Jefe Cat Lounge are cat-friendly events for yoga or guided meditation, which includes 45 minutes of lying on a mat amid relaxing sounds.

G.O.T. Goat Yoga is not as low-impact — but still just as fun. Join a fenced outdoor yoga practice at Udall Park with low to medium impact poses, stretches and quirky little goats hopping on your back.

Cara Reynolds, left, leads a goat yoga class at Medella Vina Ranch on Houghton Road. 

How to attend 

What: Yoga with kittens from Southern Arizona Cat Rescue.

When: See the schedule here. The next class is Saturday, Dec. 11.

Where: Barefoot Studio, 7053 N. Oracle Road.

Cost: $20, proceeds go to Southern Arizona Cat Rescue.

Find more information on the websites for Southern Arizona Cat Rescue and Barefoot Studio.

What: Yoga with puppies from Pathways for Paws.

When: See the schedule here. The next class is Saturday, Jan. 15.

Where: Barefoot Studio, 7053 N. Oracle Road.

Cost: $20, proceeds go to Pathways for Paws.

Find more information on the websites for Pathways for Paws and Barefoot Studio.

What: Cat yoga and meditation with El Jefe Cat Lounge.

When: Find the event calendar here. The next two events are meditation on Saturday, Nov. 20, and yoga on Sunday, Nov. 21 and Sunday, Dec. 5.

Where: El Jefe Cat Lounge, 3025 N. Campbell Ave.

Cost: Yoga is $18 per person, meditation is $25.

Find more information on El Jefe Cat Lounge's website.

What: G.O.T. Goat Yoga

When: See the schedule here. The next event is Saturday, Nov. 27.

Where: Udall Park, 7290 E. Tanque Verde Road.

Cost: $25.

Find more information on G.O.T. Goat Yoga's website

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