This pizza and fries snack box is $6 at Slice & Ice at 1905 W. Grant Road.

Do these fries look familiar? One of the original founders of Eegee's, Ed Irving, is back in the restaurant game this week with brand-new spot Slice & Ice on Grant Road.

Irving bought out the equipment from a Pieology Pizzeria and is doing rapid-fire pizzas, sandwiches and Italian ice inside the old Mr. Baja Fish building at 1905 W. Grant Road.

Angel Lopez holds a lime Italian ice at the new Slice & Ice restaurant at 1905 W. Grant Road.

He’s using many of his original recipes that have changed over the years as Eegee’s grew and expanded. For example, the lime-flavored Italian ice is all-natural and tastes crisper and less sugary than your typical Eegee’s slush. For now it's only doing lime, but other flavors like strawberry limeade are on the way, Irving said. (You can also get your ice as an "icy tea" or an "icy fizz" with soda.)

The signature crinkle fries can be done up with Ranch dressing. But Slice & Ice kicks it up a notch by also offering several other varieties of "fancy fries," including garlic, nacho cheese and pizza fries. The snack box pictured above comes with fries and a slice of pizza for only $6.

Partners Ed Irving and Bob Greenberg began selling a frozen lemonade concoction from a truck in 1971, naming the treat for the "E" in Ed’s name and the "G" in Greenberg’s. They sold the business in 2006.

Slice & Ice is at 1905 W. Grant Road. Phone: 520-274-7276. It's open from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. 

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