It's like a banana split, but with pickles! The Pickle Split at Tanna's Botannas includes a pickle cut in half with Mexican-Italian ice sandwiched in between.

Do you ever get a craving for a perfectly sour and crisp pickle that makes your jaw clench and your mouth pucker? If so, this is the list for you.

This summer treat (or year-round, really) can transport you back to the local fair, attending a sporting event or even going on a family vacation to a certain amusement park in California.

Fortunately for us here in the Old Pueblo, Tucsonans are putting crazy spins on the traditional dill pickle.Here are a few places to find unique pickle snacks in Tucson.

The Crazy Pickle at Tanna's Botannas is wrapped in Fruit Roll-Ups and covered in chamoy andTaj穩n.

Tannas Botannas

If there were a headquarters for unique pickle snacks, it would probably be at Tannas Botannas. Owner Tanna Cole and her crew whip up some of the craziest pickle snacks around.

Find pickle lemonade, pickles wrapped in Fruit Roll-Ups and covered in chamoy and Taj穩n, and a frozen cherry treat topped with chopped pickles. You can even get a pickle split a whole pickle cut in half and filled with three flavors of their Mexican-Italian ice, whichthe shop dubs Puro Ice.

If you dont have time to sit and enjoy your pickle snack, pick up a viral chamoy pickle kit to go, which comes with a chamoy-soaked pickle alongside Fruit Roll-Ups and Mexican candies.

Where: Tannas Botannas, 954 W. Prince Road and 4426 S. Sixth Ave.

Dirty T Tamarindo

Step aside, traditional rim dip. Dirty T Tamarindo now offers a pickle rim dip perfect for a tangy twist on the rim of your favorite drink.

Dirty T Tamarindo also offers two types of pickle kits if you're in the mood for something more pickle-y. Both come with Fruit Roll-Ups and Mexican candies and you can choose between a dillpickle or a chamoy-soaked pickle.

Where: Dirty T Tamardino, 1211 W. St Marys Road.


Local agua frescas joint Adis is now serving its take on a crazy pickle. Find a dill pickle wrapped in a Fruit Roll-Up topped with Taj穩n and Salsaghetti candy on a bed of Hot Cheetos.

Where: Adis inside American Eat Co., 1439 S. Fourth Ave.

Popcorn Country

Not every pickle snack needs to be covered in chamoy and Taj穩n. The folks at Popcorn Country offer dill pickle-flavored popcorn!

You can pick up a personal size of 3翻 cups, a family bag of 123翻 cups and every size in between of this pickle popcorn.

Plus, did you know that Popcorn Country is woman-owned and -operated?

Where: Popcorn Country, 3914 E. Grant Road

Get pickle lemonade at Cuppa Gogo for a limited time.

Cuppa Gogo

Pickle lemonade is back at Cuppa Gogo for a limited time. This local coffee shop typically brings back this refreshing and tangy drink in the summertime.

Customers can get the pickle lemonade plain or topped with chamoy and Taj穩n.

Where: Cuppa Gogo, 4877 E. Speedway

Mafia Kitchen

Local cannoli and drink cart Mafia Kitchen is serving up a different take on a pickle drink with their signature pickle punch. The almost-neon green drink is served up in a chamoy-rim-dipped cup.

Where: Check out their Instagram page to see where they'll be next.

WE GOT Pickle Slush & Snowcones

We love a straightforward name and it cant get more straightforward than WE GOT Pickle Slush & Snowcones. These pickle slushies come topped with chopped pickles, chamoy and Taj穩n.

Youll typically find this pop-up around Tucsons southwest side.

Where: Check out their Facebook page to see where they'll be next.

Harbottle Brewing Company

For those looking for something with a lil more kick, check out Harbottle Brewings Amurkin Gerkin dill pickle beer.

This sour pickle beer is one of the more popular flavors at the brewery.

Where: Harbottle Brewing Company, 3820 S. Palo Verde Road

Ciao Down

Pizza counts as a snack, right? It may be a little bigger than your typical snack, but Ciao Downs Big Dill Pizza is bound to hit the spot.

The pizza comes with a garlic sauce topped with pickle slices, two cheeses and fresh dill.

Where: Ciao Down Pizza Studio, 3230 N. Dodge Blvd.

Special Eats opened a gourmet grilled cheese truck in 2022, aiming to empower people with special needs.

Special Eats

Sometimes you just need that classic no-frills dill pickle.

While youre at the Special Eats food truck picking up a parmesan-crusted grilled cheese sandwich, make sure you grab a pickle for only $1.

Where: Check out their Instagram page to see where they'll be next.

Fried pickles

Before the times of Fruit Roll-Ups-wrapped pickles, the only pickle snack you could really find was dill pickle chips covered in breadcrumbs or batter and deep fried to perfection. Many Tucson establishments are still frying up this classic pickle snack.

Here are a few local places to find fried pickles, including gluten-free and vegan options:

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