The following is the opinion and analysis of the Arizona Daily Star’s Editorial Board.

Scott Holman, freshman automotive student, works on an engine during an automotive technology class at Pima Community College Downtown.

Pima Community College is asking voters to update the amount of money it can spend on students. The answer should be “Yes.”

Prop. 481 doesn’t ask voters for more dollars, but it asks for approval to increase what is known as the “base expenditure limit,” which sets the maximum amount of tax revenues PCC is allowed to spend on operations.

Prop. 481 would increase PCC’s base expenditure limit from roughly $19 million to about $30 million, which is in line with other community college districts in Arizona.

In simple terms, PCC already has the money but it needs Prop. 481 passed so it can be spent.

PCC’s base expenditure limit hasn’t been increased since it was set in fiscal year 1979-80. For perspective, that’s back when “Dallas,” “Dukes of Hazzard” and “M*A*S*H” were in the television Top 10.

The Arizona Daily Star’s Editorial Board supports Prop. 481.

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