Tucson Petting Zoo & Funny Foot Farm is offering goat-a-grams through the month of February.

Georgi MacNeil's husband made fun of her when she came home with a dog stroller from the thrift store.

MacNeil, who owns Tucson Petting Zoo & Funny Foot Farm with her husband Ken, said she'd find a use for it — and she certainly has.

Through the month of February, the farm is offering goat-a-grams — two baby goats in a stroller delivered to your home or office for a private 20-minute cuddle session.

"We started doing them last year because we had baby goats and it seemed like a great idea," MacNeil says. 

"It went really well and we had a blast," she says. "It's really fun to show up with a stroller of goats, especially when it's a surprise." 

The adorable goat-a-grams cost $100 and also come with a Valentine's Day card. 

The farm currently has 22 adult goats — including some pregnant ones — and eight babies.

For more information

To book a goat-a-gram, call Tucson Petting Zoo & Funny Foot Farm at 399-6555.

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