Tucson Detective Day is November 30. 

A giant game of whodunit will unfold in downtown Tucson — like a life-size board game — next weekend. 

British company CluedUpp is bringing its outdoor detective game to Tucson on Saturday, Nov. 30. Using an app, teams of up to six will work together to solve a murder mystery. 

Doing that requires you to find virtual witnesses posted throughout downtown and answer questions about city landmarks, all of which give you more clues to help you solve the puzzle and catch the killer. 

Think of it like Pokémon Go meets Clue. 

The self-guided game will take you back to 1960s London to solve the fictional double murder of the Kray twins, notorious British gangsters. Dressing up is encouraged.

You'll play entirely through the CluedUpp smartphone app, so make sure you download the app in advance and come into the game with plenty of data. Tip: If you're running low on data while playing, use the free wifi at Jácome Plaza or inside the library. 

One $47 ticket covers a team of up to six adults. Kids play free. Tickets are limited. 

On March 28, CluedUpp returns to Tucson with a new game: Witchcraft and Wizardry. You can get tickets for that game here

Go here to learn more about The Latest Krays. 

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