Oasis Fruit Cones

By far, the favorite flavor among customers at Oasis Fruit Cones is strawberry.

Editor's note: This story was originally published in June 2021 and updated in September 2022.

Emilio Soto was on his way to be a hygienist when he eventually realized that's not actually the career path he wanted to take.

In April 2021, Emilio Soto and his mom Carina Soto opened Deliciocho — a small shop on Tucson's south side that sells raspados, tacos, tortas, and a number of snacks and desserts such as churro ice cream sandwiches and pickles stuffed with Mexican candies and chamoy.

The journey really began with Emilio Soto's dad, Emilio Soto Sr., who once owned a cellphone store and converted it into a shop to sell raspados.

If you're unfamiliar with raspados, they're similar to shaved ice but typically come with juice, chunks of fruit, ice cream and lechera (sweetened condensed milk). Or there are bolder versions with spicy candies and chamoy.

But when Emilio Soto's dad ended up selling the raspado shop, the younger Emilio says he felt discouraged because he had always thought about going into the business himself.

"When I started working there, I just had this passion for it. To come up with things that people don't normally see — it's like an art form to me," he says.

So when a spot became available on Nogales Highway near Valencia Road, Emilio and Carina Soto decided to give it a go.

"I've always been creative, so this is a good way to give someone things they've never experienced," Emilio Soto says.

"You feel accomplished when you give a service and you know it's a great service and that people enjoy it," Carina Soto says. "It's fulfilling when (customers) have a happy face."

Deliciocho's menu was partially inspired by Emilio Soto's dad, who is now a contractor but had always wanted to open a spot for tortas. And the birria recipe used at Deliciocho has been in the Soto family for generations, starting with Emilio Soto's grandmother Carmen Soto.

Other items on the menu include Hot Cheetos mixed up with chunks of pickles (which is something Emilio Soto's wife Brianda Soto ate while she was pregnant with their son); a number of ice cream treats with scratch-made churros sometimes rolled in cereal; a birria tostada wrap that's a more elevated version of Taco Bell's Crunchwrap; raspados made with natural fruit juice; and more inventive meals and snacks.

And the name "Deliciocho" was inspired by one of Emilio Soto's favorite childhood shows "El Chavo Del Ocho." 

Some names of menu items are based off of characters from the show, and there are even churro desserts that come in mini souvenir barrels — because the main character in the show lives in a barrel.

"People who watch the show get a kick out of it," Emilio Soto says.

Of course, Deliciocho is one of many spots in Tucson to find raspados and antojitos, street snacks. Common delights at these shops include Tosti-Locos, fresas con crema (strawberries with cream) and elote. Check out 20 shops below.

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Delicias De Michoacan

1608 S. Craycroft Road, 520-991-5446

At Delicias De Michoacan, you can find lots of paletas, ice cream and raspados. According to their Facebook page, the shop started when the Iñiguez-Barragán family moved to Tucson in 2014 and started looking for the perfect spot to house their raspado business.


6308 S. Nogales Hwy., 520-294-2600

This is Deliciocho's signature raspado called La Vencindad, which includes every fruit at the shop including strawberry, mango, pineapple, melon, coconut and pecans. 

Deliciocho, which opened in the spring of 2021, is one of Tucson's newest raspado shops. In addition to the raspados and antojitos found at many raspado shops, Deliciocho also sells tacos and tortas. 

Funland Raspados

2100 W. Grant Road, 520-624-4367; 702 W. Irvington Road, 520-551-6787

Starting in 1999, Funland has served Tucson for more than two decades with its 13 flavors of raspados, snacks, ice cream and fruity treats. There are also burgers, Sonoran hot dogs, tamales and queso-Cheetos (a quesadilla packed with Hot Cheetos) at the Grant location.

GeMa Raspados & Delights

2860 W. Ina Road, 520-742-1179

GeMa is one of the only raspado shops on Tucson's north side. Beyond the raspados and antojitos, one of the newest additions to the shop are spicy gummies.

Hielitos Fine Ice

1439 S. Fourth Ave., 520-867-87005460 E. Speedway, 520-248-3364

Hielitos at American Eat Co. makes raspados from Hawaiian shaved ice. From left: horchata raspado, the Michi-Agua and a fresa raspados with lechera and Thrifty ice cream.

Owned by Peter "Pops" Yucupicio (the mastermind behind Pops Hot Chicken), Hielitos opened a spot at American Eat Co. during the COVID-19 pandemic, followed by a spot on Speedway near Craycroft Road. (Peep the incredible mural at the Speedway location!)

Jason's Mexican Food

6039 E. 22nd St., 520-900-42256671 N. Thornydale Road, 520-544-57652400 N. Pantano Road, 520-460-2802

The Mangoyada at Taqueria Y Raspados Jason has chunks of mango with chamoy, lime and Mexican candies on top.

Jason's Mexican Food is a fast-casual spot for food that includes tacos, carne asada fries, burritos, hot dogs and, of course, raspados.

Juice N' Fruit Raspados

3502 S. Sixth Ave., 520-295-5188

Juice N' Fruit has more than a dozen natural juices, in addition to its 17 raspado flavors that range from the classics like strawberry and mango to flavors such as watermelon, cherry and banana.

La Muncheria

702 W. Irvington Road

Check out La Muncheria's TikTok to see their treats — they not only serve up raspados, but also lots of antojitos like Tosti-Locos and sandia loca.

Mangos Refresqueria Y Cafe

4990 S. Campbell Ave., 520-347-3906

Arizbeth Valdez adds the crowning touch, a serpentina on the straw of a Niño Mango, at Mangos Refresqueria Y Cafe, one of the many shops you can find selling the icy treats around Tucson.

Mother-son duo Veronica and Carl Amaya started Mangos in 2017 after dabbling for years with the idea of opening their version of a "Mexican Starbucks."

Of course, Carl Amaya's favorite raspado flavor is mango. Beyond the raspados, you'll find elote (some of which are covered in Hot Cheetos dust), tacos, tortas and desserts such as a churro waffle.

Marymar Raspados

4764 S. Sixth Ave., 520-746-1977

Marymar, which has been around for about two decades, has all the raspado and antojito classics. 

Marymar is also home to a full event space a few miles away.

Michoacán Taquería

3235 N. Flowing Wells Road, 520-888-0421

The strawberry raspado at Michoacán Taquería Raspados, con lechera y nieve (condensed milk and ice cream) for $6.48. 

Michoacán Taquería has everything from tacos to tortas to hot dogs to flautas, plus more than 10 raspado flavors to choose from. 

Mr. Lokko Snack & Raspado Bar

5550 S. 12th Ave., 520-207-5111

Mr. Lokko is a little bit different — the shop offers the option to fill a cup with all kinds of chips, candy, fruit and seafood. Think salad bar... but with chips and candy. What more could you ask for?

There's also a full boba tea menu, in addition to raspados.

Oasis Fruit Cones

4126 S. 12th Ave., 520-741-7106

Raspados are icy treats served with real fruit or nuts, with or without ice cream.

With roots dating back to 1983, Oasis is one of Tucson's oldest raspado shops. The business started as a hobby of brothers Alfonso and John Carrizosa, who were inspired by their grandfather who sold raspados in his front yard in Mexico.

Paleteria y Neveria La Michoacana

3774 S. Sixth Ave., 520-372-28474444 E. Grant Road520-372-7653.

Home to a pink-and-white-striped building on the corner of Sixth Avenue is Paleteria y Neveria La Michoacana (and yes, the interior matches the exterior). In addition to raspados, the shop sells lots of ice cream treats and fruit paletas. Check out their new location on Grant Road, too!

Peña's Raspados

2936 E. 22nd St., 520-795-0497

Pictured is the walnut raspado from Peña's Raspados.

Peña's serves up all the classics you'd expect to find at a raspado shop — raspados, macedonias (fruit and ice cream, minus the shaved ice), elote, pico de gallo (not the salsa, but fruit with chile and lime) and nachos.

Raspados El Paraiso

5917 E. 22nd St., 520-398-58177701 E. Golf Links Road, 520-886-2889

The Reboltijo at Raspados El Paraiso includes your choice of raspado flavor, plus Mexican candies and chamoy. The pictured Reboltijo has strawberry.

Raspados El Paraiso has been serving Tucson for about seven years. In 2021, owner Ana Castro expanded the shop with a second location.

Castro's grandmother used to sell raspados from a cart in Sinaloa — and Castro still uses some of those recipes.

Raspados La Niña

5835 S. Park Ave., 520-273-8611

Raspados La Niña has raspados in many flavors including peach, which is pictured here.

Located in a little pink building on Park Avenue is Raspados La Niña

The shop sells goodies like breakfast burritos, quesadillas and caramelos, in addition to about 10 flavors for raspados.

Raspados Rio Sonora

5015 S. 12th Ave., 520-551-4324

Find a menu packed with flavors at Raspados Rio Sonora. There are several raspado flavors to choose from, plus specialty raspados such as the Chamoyada that's a tamarind raspado with chamoy, lime and Rielito candies.

Sito's Fresh Market

2545 E. Speedway, 520-849-8727

Sito's Fresh Market offers a wide array of hand-selected Mexican ingredients.

Sito's, a carniceria in midtown, not only offers up meat and grocery items, but also raspados! We've spotted orange, watermelon, guava, melon and more fruit flavors.

Sonoran Delights

921 W. Congress St., 520-623-3020

The Robles family has been serving raspados to Tucsonans for more than two decades, originally starting with Sonoran Sno-Cones (more on that shop below).

Sonoran Delights, which is more of a taqueria with tortas, burros and tacos, has been around since 2005.

Sonoran Sno-Cones

120 S. Avenida del Convento, 520-344-8470

Pineapple Strawberry sno-cone from Sonoran Sno-cones in 2016. 

Sonoran Sno-Cones officially opened in 1999.

Beyond raspados, the menu of this shop in the Mercado District includes creations such as Churros Locos, which are churro chips with cucumber, Clamato, lime and chile; and Tosti-Bombs, which is a bag of corn chips with your choice of five toppings.

Ta' Raspado

5012 S. 12th Ave., 520-294-4320

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Ta' Raspado has loads of raspado flavors to choose from, plus tortas, natural juices, ice cream treats and other antojitos. 

Tacos Hermano

7889 E. 22nd St.; 520-668-4779

Tacos Hermano is home to food truck park The Pit, on Tucson's east side. In addition to its carne asada and cabeza tacos, caramelos, burros and other savory dishes, the food truck offers antojitos and several raspado flavors.

Taqueria Pico de Gallo

2618 S. Sixth Ave., 520-623-8775

Customers can enjoy both tacos and a raspado when visiting Taqueria Pico De Gallo.

While Taqueria Pico de Gallo, which has been a Tucson staple for decades, is most known for its tacos and freshly-made corn tortillas, they also have raspados!

Tropical Raspados

2560 N. Stone Ave., 520-628-7304

Find raspados, piña loca, dessert waffles, Tostilocos and more snacks at Tropical Raspados

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