Consomme, Philadelphia dog, two quesabirra tacos and garnish from La Yaquesita tacos.

Editor's note: This story was originally published on May 27, 2022. We've reshared this story on July 12, 2022 because La Yaquesita's second location has since opened.

La Yaquesita Tacos got its start in a kelly green ramada behind a tire shop in the western reaches of Valencia Road.

What you find inside the steel shell is a food truck with a curated menu centered around quesabirria. While they make staples like Sonoran dogs and asada tacos at La Yaquesita, you have to start with the quesabirria.

The success of their quesabirria is what inspired the launch of La Yaquesita’s second location, moving into the former location of the L Station at 500 N. Fourth Ave.

“Business is going good,” said Jenny Rodriguez, sister-in-law of La Yaquesita’s chef-owner Miguel Rodriguez. “People love our quesabirria.”

While you’ll be able to try their quesabirria at the Fourth Avenue location in a few weeks — La Yaquesita estimates they’ll open in the first two weeks of June — the charming flagship location, down Valencia to 6530 S. Camino del Oeste, isn’t going anywhere.

When I visited recently, I asked the woman behind the counter what I should try — from their photos online, I knew La Yaquesita would be a quesabirria destination. She agreed with a nod. “The quesabirria,” she said.

What makes the quesabirria special is in the sauce: the consomme is rich and densely flavored, a perfect reflection of what makes the tacos — whose tortillas are dipped in the birria then grilled — so delicious.

The melty cheese mixed with the succulent shredded beef is the cornerstone of all good quesabirria, including La Yaquesita’s. It doesn’t hurt that their garnish is some of the freshest I’ve had, with juicy limes and crunchy cabbage.

But I also saw something on the menu I hadn’t tried yet: a variation of the Sonoran hot dog called Philadelphia. The weenie is cut in half and filled with cream cheese and roasted green chile before it’s wrapped with bacon, in an otherwise traditional dogo. The cream cheese adds richness and also cuts through the spice, which may invite a bite of the blackened jalapeño they pair with the hot dog. If you ordered the birria, you may even dip the bun in the consomme.

La Yaquesita Tacos has a shady ramada you can spot from Valencia Road.

The location on Camino del Oeste is charming. On the side of their truck, they have a mural of a little dachshund depicted as a Sonoran dog against a lush desert setting. Traditional Mexican music and a shady, well-ventilated dining area create a comfy atmosphere. While it’s worth the trip for anyone who lives farther away, I’m sure glad they’re opening a second location on Fourth Avenue. It’s a destination either way.

La Yaquesita Tacos

Location: 6530 S. Camino del Oeste | 500 N. Fourth Ave. 

Price: at Camino del Oeste location, $11 for two quesabirra tacos and consomme | $4 for a regular Sonoran dog, $5 for a Philadelphia

For more information, check out their Facebook page.

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