The Annie's Addiction at Beyond Bread, $8, hit it out of the park with its fresh sprouts and garlicky hummus on a fantastic rustic bread. 

Attention, lovers of vegetables! The search for Tucson's best veggie sandwich has officially begun.

This all sounds very intense, but what I really mean is that I've eaten sandwiches for lunch this week and thought about them in an analytical way. (I even took a picture.) Why, you ask? Because I've been writing about sandwiches all summer so that I can make a mega-list of my favorites in each category. 

So far I've tackled the newly-trendy fried chicken sandwich situation: Pops Hot Chicken and Welcome Diner came out on top. Read about it here. And I've also eaten my way through several restaurants to find the best Vietnamese bánh mì: Pho Can Tho and Nu Lan were my favorites in this category. Read the article here. 

But for this piece, I'm asking for a little help. The world of veggie sandwiches is vast, and while I adore them, I feel a little overwhelmed by both the amount and diversity of the veggie sandwiches here in Tucson. What makes a great veggie sandwich? Does a caprese or a grilled cheese count? Is it about the bread? The sprouts? Should it remind you of meat or go in a completely different direction?  

That's why I'm seeking your thoughts on where to find the best veggie sandwich in Tucson, and why you love it so much. I've already started my search by trying the Annie's Addiction at Beyond Bread and the portobello sandwich on focaccia bread at Cafe a la C'Art. Where else should I go, folks? Comment on our Facebook post or send me an email at

I'll publish the result of my sandwich search next week! Thanks for the lunch ideas, my belly appreciates it! 

UPDATE: Here's a list of the reader suggestions I've gotten so far. Thanks for your input! 

— Vegetarian cream cheese at Eclectic Cafe

— Cher's Veggie at Village Bakehouse

— Grilled eggplant sandwich at Blue Willow 

— Barrio hipster veggie torta at Rollies Mexican Patio 

— Roasted veggie sandwich at The B Line

— Smoked beet sandwich at Five Points Market & Restaurant

— Le Buzz Veggie at Le Buzz Cafe 

— Ultimate Vegan at Bentley's 

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