Impulse is a temporary installation of glowing seesaws on the University of Arizona campus.

When walking near the University of Arizona library, you may hear laughter — and lots of it.

The reason? Glowing seesaws.

On a random Thursday night, students and visitors alike hopped on the luminous seesaws, laughing and smiling on their way up and down, up and down.

Find 15 illuminating seesaws outside of the University of Arizona's Main Library now through Nov. 8.

The new all-ages installation sits in front of the UA Main Library, 1510 E. University Blvd., now through Nov. 8. The 15 seesaws illuminate the area — getting even brighter when in use. There’s also a sound element to further enhance the experience.

More than anything, they’re fun. They're a worthy option for an inexpensive date night, a quick pitstop on the way from a football game at Arizona Stadium, and a detour to Centennial Hall, if you're heading there for a show. 

“Please don't take them away, I need the dopamine,” one person said on Instagram.

The installation is called Impulse and it's presented at the UA by Arizona Arts Live, which parked red swing sets on campus last year as part of a similar effort. The arts organization says the seesaws transform the area into a “space of urban play” and they're free for the community to ride.

The glowing seesaws, dubbed Impulse now on the University of Arizona campus, were first introduced in Montreal.

Before the UA, Impulse made its debut in the Quartier des Spectacles, which is said to be the downtown cultural district in Montreal, Canada. The installation itself is by Lateral Office, CS Design and EGP Group, and is a production of a partnership from Quartier des Spectacles.

Other experiences through the Arizona Arts Signature Series this fall include the return of Willem de Kooning’s “Woman-Ochre” painting, which was stolen and missing for more than 30 years; Musical Murals, a collaboration with the weekly walking group Meet Me at Maynards; and “32 Sounds,” said to be an “unforgettable live documentary experience.”

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