Andrew Sorensen designs cat-themed stickers inspired by pop culture, including Pokemon, Barbie and horror movies.

Three years ago, Ojito became a Sorensen. 

Just for fun, Andrew Sorensen drew Ojito — a one-eyed black cat adopted from a foster mom in Tucson — and turned him into a cartoon warlock. 

That one little drawing has since turned into Stickies for Kitties, a full-blown business run by husband-wife duo Andrew and Veronica Sorensen. 

"We just got inspired by him to do more for foster cats and cats in need," Andrew says. "I never imagined doing art. On a whim, I made our warlock based off (Ojito). I got good reactions and it was fun to make — and I just started making more."

Andrew and Veronica Sorensen run Stickies for Kitties, featuring cat-themed stickers inspired by pop culture.

Since that first warlock drawing, Andrew has designed hundreds of cat-themed stickers. There's a cat that resembles Harry Potter, a cat dressed in a Pikachu costume, a cat with a hockey mask like the one horror character Jason Voorhees wears, a cat with a blue dress and blond locks like Alice in Wonderland.

"We're total '90s kids, raised with cheesy '80s movies and video games," Andrew says. "(The designs) are what we think is cute or what we grew up with, or a little skateboarder who's dressed like how my friend is dressed."

Sometimes customers at pop-up events will give ideas to the Sorensens. But Andrew says his wife is his muse. 

"Inspiration comes from everywhere," he says. "That's what's really fun with it because it feels limitless especially as pop culture goes on."

For every purchase, 9% of the profits are donated to Tucson's Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Sanctuary. It's what the Sorensens have dubbed the Nine Lives Initiative. 

"We didn't know about Hermitage until fairly recently, but it's amazing. They have different sections for cats in need, older cats, diabetic cats. We were just very impressed and they were very welcoming," Andrew says. "They just do so much."

"Supporting cats — our local cats — is the goal," Veronica says.

You can find Stickies for Kitties at a handful of local stores, in addition to pop-up markets around town.

Falling in love with cats

Andrew has dabbled in art before, but nothing professionally until Stickies for Kitties started last year.

When the pandemic struck, he started painting miniatures related to cats, eventually switching over to digital art instead.

Andrew not only designs all the stickers for Stickies for Kitties, but the Sorensens print and cut each one of them at home. Andrew and Veronica both agree — their favorite sticker is the one inspired by Ojito. 

When visiting a foster's home in search of a cat to make part of their family three years ago, the Sorensens were about to leave the house when sleepy Ojito waltzed out of the bedroom.

LEFT: Ojito was adopted by the Sorensens three years ago. He was the inspiration behind Stickies for Kitties’ first sticker. RIGHT: Andrew and Veronica Sorensen run Stickies for Kitties, featuring cat-themed stickers inspired by pop culture.

"All the other cats were high-wired and he just popped out," Andrew says. "Right when I picked him up, he was just purring." 

"He's missing his left eye but he's happy and mischievous and full of energy," he says. 

Four years prior, the Sorensens adopted Kitty. She was found in the trash where Andrew works, only nine grams in weight and still had her umbilical cord attached. Kitty has a sticker inspired by her, too.

"She was a trooper. We took her to the vet and they said there's a good chance she may not survive," Andrew says of Kitty who is still thriving years later. "We bottle-fed her — well, mainly Veronica did — but she's a warrior." 

"I grew up with just dogs," Veronica says. "When Andrew brought home our little orphan cat — he mentioned, 'I found a little kitty, can I bring it home?' — I expected a grown-up kitty and it ended up being this little tiny thing."

"She screamed at the top of her lungs when she saw Kitty," Andrew says.

From that moment on, Veronica fell in love with cats.

Unlike Veronica, Andrew did have a cat when he was growing up and was heartbroken when it died at a young age.

"After that, we never got another cat but I would always find one outside and take care of it and it would be my little dude for the day," Andrew says.

For every purchase at Stickies for Kitties, 9% of the profits are donated to Tucson’s Hermitage No-Kill Cat Shelter and Sanctuary.

In addition to Ojito and Kitty, the Sorensens have two senior dogs — a German Shepherd and a border collie/terrier mix. Though the business is called Stickies for Kitties, a couple dozen dog stickers have made the cut, including two inspired by the Sorensen pups. 

Although both of the Sorensens have full-time jobs elsewhere, they hope to take Stickies for Kitties even further.

Black Crown Coffee Company, 4024 E. Speedway, was the first shop to sell the stickers — Andrew even made cat-themed designs inspired by each of the baristas. Beyond Etsy, the stickers can also be found at Isle of Games, 7835 E. Broadway; all locations of Amazing Discoveries; Bookmans, 6230 E. Speedway; Top Deck Towers, 3805 W. River Road; and IRL Cards, 4444 E. Grant Road.

Stickies for Kitties is home to hundreds of cat-themed stickers — and a couple dozen dog-themed ones, too. 

"I would always go to the Fourth Avenue (street fair) and be that dude with the corn dog just walking around. Nothing against those guys, I'm still that guy," Andrew says. "But it's so fun to be out there and be selling. I think we just want this to go bigger." 

"(Stickies for Kitties) feels like playing a game, where time goes by quick. Before I know it, it's 10 o'clock and I have to get ready for bed," he says. "What's so great is it doesn't feel stressful. It just feels fun. I just think the goal — it's so fun to be part of Tucson."

Veronica was born and raised in Tucson, and Andrew in Phoenix. They met in college at the University of Arizona. 

"I fell in love with Tucson because of Veronica," Andrew says.

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