Ermano’s Craft Beer and Wine Bar

Sip some craft brew and get a free late-night menu item when you buy two items at Ermanos Craft Beer and Wine Bar on the inaugural Fridays on Fourth, an initiative to encourage making Fourth Avenue a regular destination.

Ok, guys. We haven't forgotten about you.

Your brother or best friend's wedding means bachelor party!

And if you're in charge of planning it, you have some things to think about.

Sure, there's the old standby of spending the evening at a strip club. But what if that isn't his thing? 

That's where we come in. We've got a handful of ideas for a fun night out that even his mom will approve of.

An employee eyes his next turn while learning the racing line of the track at Autobahn Indoor Speedway, 300 S. Toole Ave., on July 6, 2016, in Tucson, Ariz. The all-electric indoor go-kart track plans to open next week. The Italian-style karts reach speeds up to 50 m.p.h.

Go racing

For the guy who's into Nascar or just driving fast, check out Autobahn Indoor Speedway. It's an indoor electric go-karting facility that's perfect for thrill-seekers and speed junkies.

Cost: Prices start at $40 per racer for two 14-lap races. Plus, you can add on medals, t-shirts, catering and more.

More info: Click here

University of Arizona fans, including Steve Wiberg, center, cheer after a Wildcat touchdown as other fans, students and alumni gather to watch the football team’s game against Oregon State at HiFi Kitchen and Cocktails, 345 E. Congress Street, in downtown Tucson, Ariz. Photo taken Saturday, Oct. 10, 2015.

Get all the drinks

If guy time usually means beer, go to one (or a bunch) of the many Tucson breweries and bars. Take the streetcar and go to your favorite hangouts downtown, on Fourth Ave. and University Blvd. Here's an example of a streetcar bar crawl we did. For work purposes, of course. 

From left, Dara Robinson, Chuck Robinson and Nikki Sonnleitner try to decipher a clue in the "Area 51" escape room at Escape Room Tucson.

Try to escape

Picture yourself trying to deactivate a bomb, cracking a safe or creating a vaccine for a zombie outbreak. You can do that in one of Tucson's escape rooms. You and your friends will get an hour to solve puzzles, codes and more depending on the scenario you choose. Bonus: You can't get in too much trouble if you're locked in a room. 

Cost: Starts at $24 per person

 The original Rocks and Ropes is at 330 S. Toole Ave., just south of East Broadway, 882-5924. 

Go climbing

For the fitness fanatic, take him rock climbing at Rocks and Ropes. You'll get three hours use of the gym, rock climbing shoes, harness and a mandatory orientation. You'll need food and a cold beverage afterwards, so take the party to Barrio Brewing which is just across the railroad tracks at 800 E. 16th St. Click here for directions.

Cost: $20 each

Info: Click here

We're such fans.

Play all the games, eat all the food and have all the drinks

If you've never been, Dave & Buster's has it all: Video games — more than 135 of them, billiards, sports on TV, food and alcohol, which makes it the perfect spot for a bachelor party. You can just show up and play or reserve space for a party with catered appetizers and everything. 

More info: Click here

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