I Voted

We don't care if you voted by mail, voted early, waited for election day, argued politics with your friends until 2 a.m., covered your ears until Nov. 8, rocked the vote, dapped the vote — WHATEVER. Just vote. For these ladies and the next. Prepare to get goosebumpy:

"I vote for me, my daughter and my grandmother Sarah (1913-2007) who never voted because her husband told her once that her vote wouldn't count and wouldn't ever be counted."

Kenya Johnson, Associate Director of Development Communications, UA Health Sciences Department. Also, dancer, dreamer and mom.

"If silent in the face of injustice and intolerance, I am to blame. I speak, instead. I act. I vote."

Kelly Fryer, CEO YWCA of Southern Arizona

Habitat for Humanity Tucson CEO T. VanHook

"At Habitat Tucson, we teach the importance of civic engagement and its impact on the community as a whole. From neighborhood meetings, to voting in local and national elections, it’s crucial that we all participate."

T. VanHook, CEO of Habitat for Humanity

"Take that. And that. And that. Take that for our infrastructure. Take that for our schools. Heh. For this moment I'm in charge of the world. My world."

Lisa Waite Bunker, Pima County Public Library Social Media Librarian

"I am voting to exert my power in electing who will lead my beloved country for the next four years."

Heather Hiscox, Tucson entrepreneur

"Before I decide how to vote, I read about who stands for what. That keeps me up to date on candidates and issues."

Jill Jorden Spitz, Arizona Daily Star Editor

"I'm voting because I'm committed to civil and human rights and reject political tactics that use fear to manipulate voters.  I want to see our country progress and our first woman president!"

Regina Romero, Tucson City Council Member

"I want my son to learn about the importance of being an engaged and informed citizen, because that’s how change happens."

Kylie Walzak, lead program manager for Living Streets Alliance and Cyclovia Tucson coordinator

"The night my daughter was born, my friend was shot to death in a movie theatre. That’s why I no longer vote party lines. Instead I choose candidates who’ll fight for common-sense gun legislation, like background checks for all gun sales and safe storage laws."

Missy Paschke-Wood, volunteer, Moms Demand Action

"I'm voting to express my support for the democratic process, even if some of my votes are in the minority. Every vote counts!"

Shirley Muney, League of Women Voters/AAUW/Pima County-Tucson Women's Commission

Julie Reed, a co-author for the Tucson in Style blog, poses with her kids Lincoln, right, 7, and Clementine, 5, at her home.

"Each Arizonan's vote weighs more than usual in this year's Presidential election! We can keep Trump from winning a typically red state!"

Julie Reed, tucsonmama.com

"To help make our criminal punishment system more just for all who are vote-less, and thus voiceless in our democracy."

E. Liane Hernandez, Community Life Director, Frances McClelland Community Center, YWCA of Southern Arizona

I am voting for equality and solidarity.

Sandy Ochoa, Mi Familia Vota Tucson Coordinator

"I want a President with a heart, whose decisions are not based on 'locker-room conversations.'”

Anita Marie Smith, daughter, mother, grandmother and true friend

"Voting is a silent, but powerful political action. As an American citizen, I have the right to make my opinion count."

Audrey De La Cruz, artist

Beall, enjoying one of her photo shoots, has a Facebook photo page with nearly 150,000 likes.

"I am voting because it's a serious privilege and I promised my Bernie-supporting dad before he died that Trump wouldn't win."

Jade Beall, photographer and mother

"I value that we have the privilege to validate our concerns and voice our opinions by taking the initiative to vote."

Tatum Hammond, Administrative Vice President of the Associated Students of The University of Arizona

"Voting is our right many sacrificed for; I take it seriously! My vote is for Trump to preserve our freedom!"

Gini Crawford, conservative community organizer and owner of BecauseofGod.com

Volunteers make new bells as Jeannette Maré, the founder of Ben's Bells, prepares to celebrate its 10th year of inspiring and motivating people to make our community a better place to live.

"I believe kindness is the foundation of our democracy. I vote for kindness to prevail."

Jeannette Maré, founder and executive director of Ben's Bells

"The power of my single vote will help elect an educated and articulate first woman President with a small family business background. Resonates highly here!"

Linda Mazon Gutierrez, President and CEO of the Hispanic Womens Corporation

"Even if you do not like the choice of candidates, remember it is a privilege to have a choice."

Sherry Downer, secretary of the Tucson Metro Chamber board and attorney

"Teachers are the largest voting bloc by profession, a profession dominated by women. When teachers turn out in high numbers — and we know they do — they shape the future and the decisions made that impact their homes, classrooms, and communities."

Katie Rogerson, director of Tucson Values Teachers

"I’ve voted in every election since turning 18, because the opportunity to have a say in the policies and leaders that will impact my family, community and country, is a responsibility that shouldn’t be squandered."

Veronica Cruz-Mercado, Zia's Mama and the program coordinator for UA BookStores

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