Flora's Market Run halva

This pistachio crusted halva, $13, from Seed + Mill at Flora's Market Run is one of the most decadent candies you'll buy, but also one of the most rewarding. 

If you're looking for a slice of Tucson in the shape of food to either ship out of state or wrap as a gift, below are a list of suggestions from toffee to locally made chocolate to bottled jellies.

Agave Pantry — Various spices such as cardamom rose salt, plus baked goods like cookies and truffles

Ali B Confectionary — The most adorable cookies!

AZ Baking Company — Get a mix for mesquite chocolate chip cookies

Barrio Charro — Visit Barrio Charro for its delicious food, but also take some time to look at the packaged pastries, salsas and more

Cheri's Desert Harvest — Prickly pear in the form of syrup, jelly, and candy. Plus other flavors such as mesquite honey, pomegranate and jalapeño 

Flora's Market Run — Part restaurant, part market, find all kinds of goodies here

Frosted Bakery — Custom cakes, cake pops and other treats

HattenBatter — Decorated sugar cookies and other baked goods from a local home bakery. Custom orders available 

Iskashitaa Refugee Network — Jams, jellies, marmalades, pie fillings, syrups, vinaigrettes and more, made by volunteers and refugees

Mica Pica Salsa — Homemade salsa. Vegan and gluten-free

Monsoon Chocolate — All the chocolate of your dreams, including bonbons, chocolate bars, malt balls and chocolate-covered nuts

Native Seeds/SEARCH — Nonprofit that sells seeds, in addition to regional food items such as baking ingredients, jelly, honey, spices, chiles, soups and more. Also find basketry, jewelry, cards and more

Pau's Pan Dulce — Find cakes, baked goods and pastries

Prickly Paradise Elderberry — Juice, honey, syrup, tea made with elderberry

Tanna's Botannas — All the spicy snacks you could imagine, from spicy gummy bears, peach rings, Gushers and Skittles

Tilted Halos — Vegan and gluten-free desserts, including pie, cupcakes and cookies

Time Market — Wine, flowers and fresh foods that could be great for the hostess in your life

Tucson Originals — Pick up a gift card for a Tucson Originals restaurant, including many local eateries such as Fresco, Brother John's, Ghini's and Kingfisher

Tucson Tea Company — Small batch loose leaf teas. Shop oolongs, green tea, black tea, white tea and more

Tucson Toffee Co. — Small batch toffee, also offering flavors such as s'mores and churro

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