Neil Myers

Neil Myers' paintings are all bright and bold, created with thick oil paint.

Tucson is home to lots of painters, in addition to artists using other mediums such as charcoal and colored pencil. Find your next piece of artwork to frame and hang on your wall!

Aall Forms of Life — Scientific illustrations of our favorite desert critters. Purchase original work, prints, stickers and magnets

AC Design Etc. — Colorful paintings and prints of agave, dogs, cowboys, coyotes and more

Acrylic Visions — Acrylic paintings on canvas

Amber Pierson — Colorful colored pencil drawings of Tucson

Amy Paints Portraits — Take a look through this Instagram account at watercolor portraits 

Ann Tracy — Find paintings, installations, mixed media and photography 

Art by Eulalie — Find abstract watercolor and acrylic paintings from this artist, plus gorgeous images of landscapes and cacti

Beth Surdut — Intricate wildlife drawings, plus writings, scarves, shawls and glasswork 

Bronwyn Dierssen — Charcoal drawings in three different styles: Realistic, expressive and glitch

Cactus Clouds Art — Watercolor paintings inspired by Tucson, plus prints and other goodies such as T-Shirts and stickers

Casa Cardenas — Shop pen and ink drawings, many desert-inspired such as images of saguaros and bats

CharlaRae — Abstract art made with oil paint and colored pencil. Also has mixed media pieces and decorated skulls

Chuck Watkins — Tucson-centric paintings of wildlife, sunsets and saguaros. Aluminum prints

CJ Shane — Find art with mixed media, oil paint, acrylic paint, pastels and more

Create For The People — Colorful prints and drawings of landscapes, wildlife and people. One series is dubbed Tucson Portrait Stories. Prints available on metallic paper

Crystal Riha Creations — Original paintings, plus body-centric prints

Desert Hippie Arts — Acrylic paint pouring on canvas, various color combinations. Also offers classes

Diane Bombshelter — Velvet artist, creating paintings atop black velvet

Dragana Skrepnik — Very colorful oil paintings

Fourth World Design — Indigenous art and design including prints, notecards and paintings 

George M. Perez — Find paintings, collages and mixed media

Gerry Quotskuyva — Find prints, in addition to Kachina dolls and bronze sculptures

Gina Beca — Watercolor paintings and prints inspired by flora and fauna

Heather Bechard Art — Find drawings and prints with animals or mythical-like designs

Heidi Nielson — Fine art mixed media creating a "body of work about the things we carry"

Jenn Hopkins Art — Oil paintings on canvas, plus prints. Images such as sunsets and people

Joyce Timson — Acrylic paintings of desert landscapes and Southwest wildlife, seen at Cactus Wren Gallery

Judy Nostrant — Oil, watercolor and pastel paintings and illustrations of people, animals and more

K. Vizzini Arts — Bright and colorful paintings of cacti

Lily Roman Art — Painted whimsical + eclectic portraits, plus images of still lifes and animals

Liz Vaughn — Interpretive paintings in bold colors 

Localscapes — Paintings of local scenes across Tucson. Some paintings are on wood blocks

Lynn Pass Art — Oil and acrylic paintings, plus photography, glass and ceramics. Also: Notecards and custom pet portraits 

Lyzzy Li — Ink and colored pencil drawings of people, animals and more

M. Devine Art — Colorful + abstract paintings on canvas

Marcy Ellis — Drawings and paintings inspired by plants, nature and the female form. Shop prints, cards, stickers and apparel

Mary Ellen Palmeri — Brightly-colored mixed media paintings

Mel Dominguez — Scratch art, lino printing and paintings, with prints ranging from a black-and-white image of a calaca to a rainbow-colored image of a Barrio lowrider

Neil Myers — Vibrant paintings of desert scenes, plus locations special to Tucson such as San Xavier Mission and the "ugly but honest" car lot

Red Heart Woman — Beautiful acrylic paintings, some of Tucson scenery such as Sabino Canyon

Robert Fogel — Contemporary-shaped landscape paintings

Sage Brush Arts — Find brightly-colored paintings, prints and stickers, many of which showcase our giant cacti friends

Sasha Aliza — Quirky paintings, many colorful and featuring saguaros

Shiny Secret — Find watercolor, and colorful art on canvas + vinyl. Plus, earrings

Sick Sweet Art Club — Colorful illustrations in paint, colored pencils and other materials

Simon Kregar Fine Arts — Painted portraits and fine art with a focus on science

Sonoran Watercolors — Watercolor art inspired by flora and fauna. Find original paintings + prints

Suzanne Jordan Villella — Mixed media and acrylic paintings with eye-popping colors

Tim Loraditch — Landscape acrylic paintings of east-coast spots

Timothy O'Boyle — Abstract expressionist paintings

Tracy Ann Holmes — Find paintings in acrylic and watercolor, plus drawings, ceramic sculptures and handmade tiles

Tracy Brown Art — This painter is "interested in the dark and humorous side of desire and beauty and the destructive nature of marketing and advertising on women"

Trenton Jung — Fine art and nature illustration. Find prints, art on wood, plus postcards and stickers

Untitled Gallery — This gallery's artists focus on painting, photography and sculpture. Located in the Steinfeld Warehouse

Virginia Carroll — Colored pencil artist who is available for commissions. Artwork includes plants, landscapes, animals, still lifes and portraits

Virginia Eggert — Acrylic paintings with a watercolor technique

W Book Art — Pop culture paintings (some on vinyl!)

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