It's a little looser than a quesadilla but a little cheesier than your typical taco: the taco quesadilla! ($5.50)

It's a taco, it's a quesadilla, it's a-mazing! Can we just leave it at that? The best of both worlds is at the mariscos truck La Palma on 22nd and South Sixth Ave.

Everything about this taco is perfect: the beautiful battered shrimp and the supple melted mozzarella. The burrito-sized tortilla, folded just loose enough that the ingredients hug each other but retain their own wonderful flavors. 

I know some people are worried about seafood in the desert, but I went inside of this truck and it's one of the cleanest kitchens I've ever been in. I also had ceviche, and even though my stomach is often sensitive to shellfish, I felt amazing afterward. Props to these guys. They're rocking it!  

THOU SHALT: Employ your whole family like these guys do to work the truck. That's some real teamwork.