Angela Pittenger, left, and Johanna Willett suited up and ready to rage at The Breaking Point. 

Between current news events and work, life etc... we all get angry. 

And it's pretty exhausting to always hold it in and cover it with a smile.

Sometimes deep breaths aren't enough. You need to hit something, kick something or run until you can't breathe.

If you have room at home, you can invest in a heavy punching bag for about $100 at Sears. They're great for clearing your mind and toning your body.

But, if you'd rather get out of the house to release some steam, we've put together some ideas for you.

Stop furiously scrolling your news feeds  and go ahead, get it out. No judgement here. 

Go crazy breaking stuff

Tucson finally got it's very own rage room called The Breaking Point. You can throw glass bottles, break glass, hit things like appliances, televisions and tires with bats or crowbars and kick things if you want to. We tried it and it definitely works. (More on that here.)

The Breaking Point, located at 2006 E. 14th Street, has all kinds of rage releasing options and add-ons. The least expensive is called Rage in the Cage, which gives you 15 minutes to go crazy for $20. Plus you get to pick your sound track. 

Punching and kicking 

Katie Hareid hits the bag during a kickboxing class at the Boxing Inc. facility on West Ina Road. Landing punches on the bag can be empowering, according to local instructors.

Boxing gyms and martial arts studios offer tons of classes that are great for stress relief. Here are four:

Many of the boxing and martial arts gyms offer a free class so you can try it out. If you're mad, go to one. Maybe you'll find your new form of stress relief. Click on the link above to sign up for a free class.

Apex offers kickboxing, mixed martial arts, judo and capoeira classes. You can sign up online for one free class. 

This gym features more than 20 heavy bags to punch and kick during its kickboxing and boxing classes. Sign up for a free class here.

You can go to cardio kickboxing classes at 7 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday for $3 each class.


Batting cages

Sometimes it feels good to whack a baseball as hard as you can. If you're not good at baseball, just choose the slow pitch one so you don't get even more frustrated.

Golf 'n Stuff has four batting cages: two at 50 mph, one at 60 mph and one at 80 mph. 

Cost: $1 for 20 pitches

Note: There's also a boxing game in the arcade where you can hit the punching bag as hard as you can for points.

The Marana location has seven batting cages and the Tucson shop has six. Home Plate is also a pub. So, take your anger out on the baseballs and drown your sorrows in a pint and some wings.

Cost: $0.75 for 12 pitches; $10 for 15 minutes; $18 for 30 minutes and $30 for one hour


Hit the ball as hard as you can against the wall at one of these tennis centers. Just get out of the way so it doesn't hit you back.

You can play tennis or racquetball here. It's located right on the running path that goes around Randolph Golf Course and Reid Park. So, if hitting the racquetball isn't enough, go for a run afterward.

Cost: $5 for 90 minutes during the day or $6 for 90 minutes in the evening for racquetball. Or get a monthly pass for $35.

Play racquetball or handball here - both great options for anger management. Plus, there's an indoor and outdoor jogging track.

Cost: Daily passes are $2 or get a 20-punch pass for $31.

Click here for other locations in the City of Tucson Parks and Recreation department.


It's still kinda hot during the day to run outside, but if you have the urge to run till you can't breathe, check out the indoor track at Udall Park, 7200 E. Tanque Verde Road. It's air conditioned, clean and super cheap to use at $1.50. More info here.

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