Tatum Rochin aka The Tucson Type is the next featured guest for our virtual #ThisIsTucson meetup. 

We know Tucson is such an incredibly lovely community. 

And, among the things that makes it so special are all of the places where we gather, enjoy a good meal and admire the surrounding Sonoran Desert. 

This week, Tatum Rochin, the artist behind The Tucson Type, is our featured guest for the second #ThisIsTucson Member Meetup. She'll share some drawing tips and teach you some basics for creating your own custom-icon illustrated maps that reflect the different places that make Tucson home for you. 

Tatum Rochin's illustrated icon map of special Tucson places is one of her most popular pieces. 

Rochin launched The Tucson Type earlier this year, turning the hobby she took up to unwind from her day job into a business designing decals, tote bags, art prints, a coloring book and more. She's completely self taught and will share some of the things she's learned along her art journey and what inspires her work. 

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What: #ThisIsTucson member meet up with The Tucson Type

When: Thursday, June 4, 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

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