There is one box longtime Tucson restaurateur Daniel Scordato has not checked in his 47-year career: fast food.

That changes early next month when he opens Posto Sano Foods, a fast-food Italian restaurant in the 1,800-square-foot space at 6370 N. Campbell Ave. that was home to Cafe Jasper.

“I just thought I want to start over and try something a little different,” said Scordato, who owns the upscale Vivace Italian restaurant across the street at 6440 N. Campbell Ave. and whose portfolio has included his namesake upscale Italian restaurant Daniel’s in St. Philip’s Plaza and a pizzeria near Tucson Mall that he sold two years ago.

“I always wanted to do a quality fast-food restaurant,” he said last week as he tinkered with the menu for Posto Sano Foods ahead of the early December opening.

As of this week, the menu will include meal-sized salads, sandwiches, healthful bowls featuring quinoa, vegetables and meats, and made-to-order Roman pizza.

Scordato is not certain, but he thinks he might be the only one doing Roman pizza al taglio (pizza by the slice), which is made in a rectangular pan and sold by the square. The crust is thicker, but light like a focaccia, and toppings are not just your ubiquitous pepperoni and cheese. Scordato will dress his upscale pizza with maitake mushrooms, a sinful truffle crema and buttery rich fontina cheese. Slices will go for $7 to $8 depending on the toppings and a single slice is big enough for an average meal, he said.

Meal-sized salads will feature housemade dressings created at Vivace, where Scordato also will go to for other handcrafted sauces that he’ll use on the streamlined menu. What won’t be on the menu: pasta.

“We are looking at this as being a full-scale restaurant or an upscale restaurant minus steak and veal,” he said, adding that cured meats and cheeses will be imported from Italy. “It’s very hard to do pasta as fast food.”

The emphasis at Posto Sano Foods is on healthy, but Scordato’s definition of healthy goes well beyond green leafy vegetables, whole grains and fruit.

“To me healthy is high-grade cheeses, Brussels sprouts with parmigiano reggiano, a rueben sandwich on Roman bread made from the pizza dough that’s lighter and a lightly breaded chicken sandwich with Brussels sprouts and kale slaw on top,” he said. “To me that’s healthy.”

The meal-sized bowls — which actually will be served on plates — can be made keto friendly and gluten free with cauliflower risotto, roasted Brussels sprouts, broccolini and other healthful ingredients.

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