Starting July 22, the Arizona Daily Star will make some digital content available to subscribers only.

If you do not subscribe to the Star or you are a subscriber who is not signed in and you click on a story labeled “FOR SUBSCRIBERS,” you will see a message asking you to buy a subscription or sign in – and you won’t be able to read the story unless you do one of those two things.

Why are we doing this? Because local journalism is important. It exposes problems and highlights solutions. It shows us what is unique about Tucson and what we could do better. It helps us understand what’s happening on our border, in our schools, at the University of Arizona, at Tucson City Hall – and what those things mean to our own lives.

In-depth beat reporting is expensive – it means hiring good reporters and training them to become experts in their coverage areas. It means giving them time to find and interview sources, to analyze data and to write stories that are often complex and require double- and triple-checking of facts. National print advertising and classified advertising used to be key to supporting newsroom operations, but as those operations declined it became clear that we must take steps to keep local news organizations vibrant. That’s what we’re doing at the Star.

We are working more closely than ever with local businesses to help them reach customers in new ways. We are seeking grants to pay for reporting trips and for training that keeps our journalists growing. We are putting on events that bring our community together while they generate revenue to support our newsroom.

We are asking our readers to help, too. To those who already subscribe to the Star, please accept our sincere thanks. For those who have not yet become subscribers, today we ask you to do so. Our news content has value, and the days of us giving it away for free have passed. Please support local journalism today by subscribing to the Arizona Daily Star. A six-month subscription costs $19.99 with this offer for new subscribers here.

Jill Jorden Spitz



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